The Vocal Arts Team


Hannah has been working as a successful vocal coach and worked for, a highly respected voice professional, Frances Montignani of 'Vocal Tuition.' Hannah also studied under Gillyanne Kayes and Jeremy Fisher of 'Vocal Process LDN' and also focused upon 'The Developing Voice; 'Singing and the Actor;' 'The Emotional Voice;' and 'Advanced SATA.' She continues to keep up to date with the modern science of the voice and the music industry. She worked for 'The Academy of Music and Sound' as a tutor and currently teaches at Exeter College. Hannah initially gained three distinctions in NBTEC Dip in Performing Arts and she went on to gain a distinction in 'Rock School' (grade 8) . Hannah has led successful and fun teenage and adult choirs. She has been performing in various bands for the last 12 years varying from rock/pop/soul and is currently a member of a local band who have achieved considerable success as 'Sound of the Sirens' in the UK. Hannah aims to make music fun for the young, who can relate to her enthusiasm and energy but can also provide a patient,knowledgeable and encouraging pace for the more mature or apprehensive performer.


As a graduate of Dartington College of Arts - Abbe is a committed arts practitioner and seeks to inspire her students through self-awareness and a multidisciplinary approach whilst aiming to enhance their personal performance. Encouragement and confidence are fundamental to her belief in her pupils, who benefit from her own experience and expertise both as a performer of music and in theatre. In her Exeter-based Drama Academy, children, young people and adults are supported and scaffolded by Abbe as they endeavour to build and develop their confidence and self-esteem. Her dynamic and organic style, tempered with a measured enthusiasm for those pupils who perhaps need sympathetic support in order to express themselves, aims to positively empower her students. Whether you are an emergent performer who seeks to find self-belief in your chosen field or if you are an established performing arts practitioner who wishes to fine-tune your personal style - Abbe will endeavour to empathise with you and maximise your potential ability through your shared enjoyment of the performative arts.


As a qualified dramatherapist, Lindsey has experience working with a variety of clients, particularly specialising in work with vulnerable children and young people. Registered with the HCPC and British Association of Dramatherapists, Lindsey is passionate about the role drama can play in supporting people to develop self-esteem and confidence. Lindsey currently teaches for a local drama academy and is a director of Interwoven Productions - a community interest company specialising in participatory arts.
Having previously studied Theatre with Visual Practices at Dartington College of Arts, Lindsey also has extensive performance and directing experience.

Hannah & Abbe are the team at Vocal Arts Exeter The Friendly Vocal Arts Team