Vocal Arts One-To-One Tuition...

'Vocal Arts' singing lessons are tailored to the individuals needs, dependant upon the ability and goals required. They usually include for voice tuition:

preparation, technique and performance.

In our opinion, to get the very best out of the voice, it needs to be 'warmed-up' and in order to do this, we use targeted vocal and breathing exercises which can highlight problem areas. Our lessons seek to explore the capabilities and possibilities for the vocalist and we utilise our considerable knowledge and experience to maximise both the range and the ability of the singer.

We are always mindful that the sessions should be enjoyable and so 'letting go' is something we encourage! Both the piano and guitar are utilised during the lessons and Hannah is happy for students to take along their own backing tracks/instruments to accompany the session.

'Vocal Arts' explores all aspects of singing including:- breath control, range development, diction, tuning, timing, vowel placement, resonance, rhythm, vocal set-up, harmony, improvisation, song writing, vocal style, vocal performance, anatomy of the voice, vocal health, microphone technique, advice on the industry and more....

In 'Vocal Arts' opinion, it is both important and a motivating factor for vocalists/musicians to listen to their own sound in order to develop, whether that is to grow as a performing artist or for personal satisfaction. Hannah works closely with sound engineer, Tony Lock from One Umbrella Music and joint sessions are available recording with Tony and Hannah. Please contact One Umbrella Music for more information .

Another happy student at Vocal Arts Exeter