Hello and welcome to the Vocal Arts website!

We are an Exeter based service, serving Exeter
and the surrounding area. We offer singing lessons,
vocal coaching, drama tuition, studio recording, performance
mentoring and help and advice on all related matters.

Whether you are young or old, a beginner, or an experienced singer
perhaps looking to improve on your technique, increase your range,
or build your confidence - we can help you!

Our primary aim is for our students to enjoy singing, and we gently
persuade them that their voice is something that should be heard
and shared with others. Many of our students come to us with some
degree of control over their voice, but may have specific issues
that they wish to address, such as tone, tuning, diction, pronunciation etc.
We can help you overcome these issues and thus improve
your confidence and performance.

Regarding the ability to sing, it is a popular misconception
that "you've either got it or you haven't!"
Your voice is an instrument, and you can learn to play it just
as you would any other instrument. Admittedly, some will find
it easier than others to progress, but for those who persevere
the rewards are that much sweeter when
they acheive their personal goals.

Please browse our website to view the services we offer in more detail
and the testimonials from other students which should, we hope, give
you a good idea of our approach to teaching...

Thank you for visiting, if you think Vocal Arts is for you then
please do get in touch, the details of how to do so are on our contact page.
We look forward to hearing your voice!

Another happy student at Vocal Arts Exeter